Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Exclusive: Imsu SUG president reveals the greed behind the strike plus his role in the controversial protest.

After much silence on the whole brouhaha that has followed Imo state University's strike.
The institution's SUG president Comr.Emeka Nwama has come out to voice the greed behind the strike and his role in the controversial protest plus other pressing issues.

 Below is his lengthy message.

Leadership is not all about talking too much..... 

I truly commend the actions of the student Leaders under the umbrella of the CONCERNED STUDENTS which am also a concerned student in as much am the Head.... 

My view for the protest? when I discussed with of the leaders, that it was not yet time for the protest, they said that I don't want to lead the protest because of the new Bus the Government gave the UNION and that I don't want to hand over power if the protest should bring us back to school soon, thinking that protest was the answer . All I did was to support the protest in all view I can but refused to Join them to the street which was never my interest. 

Far from this propagandas stated above and  unknowingly to many of them that Government went into agreement with the Bank to Borrow the University some money so that when ever the Government allocation comes to the Bank, they can take back the money they borrowed the University at that point the Federal allocation comes in to the account. 

Do you know that ASUU is not just been paid salary, but they are been paid 100% salary. stating clearly to the Government that they are not party to 70% : 30% NLC/Government agreement of 8th FEBRUARY 2015. 

Now Questions.. 

1..why did the Government stopped paying the STRIKING UNIONS Even when the money has been borrowed and in position of the school, /University account to pay. 

2...why did ASUU refused to go back to class even when they know that their April salary /money is with the school management and have received January to March salary? 

The answer to the above questions is what only PATIENT could answer. 


If the Government had gone ahead to pay the STRIKING UNIONS that way, it will generate a lot of questions and pressure from other Sectors of the Government who will not just be Jealous that the Government pay IMSU Striking Unions 100% salary but paid till the Month of APRIL they did not work for. THAT IS WHY GOVERNMENT STOPPED THE PAYMENT OF APRIL SALARY. Don't also forget that as at the Time this payment was to be made to the striking unions in IMSU, other Sectors in the state had only received January and February salaries of 70 and 80 percent respectively. 

Secondly, why did the STRIKING UNIONS refused going back to class? 
It was never the sole decision of IMSU chapter, of the Striking Unions to remain at even when the striking unions have understood the Government side of the bargain and tried have tried calling a Congress few weeks ago to suspend the Strike, but the CONGRESS was suspended indefinitely..... The suspension was not the game plan of the IMSU Chapter but was an instruction from the NATIONAL UNIONS of the striking unions in IMSU who insisted that the Government must meet up with the MOU signed with IMSU Striking Unions 

What is the way forward? 

The way forward is that our patient has paid us because the Government can not RISK owning the Lecturers for APRIL AND MAY as it is constitutional for ASUU to continue their sit at Home policy if the months owed them is Two Months, and for Government to avoid that, the Government must pay the APRIL SALARY to avoid the month of June. 


Other Sectors have received March salary and the APRIL SALARY can now be paid which will no longer generate much pressure on the Government. 

Finally, I want to salute the conduct of all the Concerned Students Leaders and the Students in General for believing in Us as School Resumes before the end of MAY 2016...
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