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A MUST READ: The Silence of the body and the noise of the soul" article by Jeff Nwachukwu

      Nwachukwu Jeff is a graduate of Philosophy fro Imo State university who's desire to write didn't just stop after he left school but kept burning even when he left school.

In this nice philosophical article he wrote titled "THE THE SILENCE OF THE BODY AND THE NOICE OF THE SOUL " he brings to our knowledge the conflictions that runs within our soul and body while trying to balance our relugious lives.
Read below..

    In the reality of two opposing entities,one must give room for the other to outshine.The universe is an envelop of opposites(made up of two opposing realities).These two opposing realities are in constant conflict of supremacy and in this conflict,one must constantly defeat the other,and in most cases the conflict ends in a beam balance.It is necessary for there to be a conflict between two realities because it depicts how strong the universe is in proving our spiritual strength and physical weakness.                                                                
Man can get fulfillment spiritually only in God thus requires certain doctrines and principles in place to attain such fate.The society of man has ignorantly refused to answer a very important question in man's quest for divine fulfillment;the question of "Who we are?" And the question of"Do you know your self?"These are salient questions every seeker of God's face should endeavor to answer because it paves the way for our spiritual discernment of God's doctrines, and it lays a strong foundation for the plan of salvation.                                                                                              Hitherto,the very moment we put these questions into a conscious consideration only then our being will be revealed to the" Self"and the" Knowledge of the Self" will be greatly honored.The problem with us mortals is that we have failed to actualise our being in the "Knowledge of the Self" towards the understanding of spiritually inclined teachings.Man is a being possessing two wolfs;the good and the bad wolf.The wolf that is being fed constantly becomes the dominant wolf and however takes over the entire beingness of man either for good or for bad.                                                                             The soul of man can only make noise in silence.The noise of the soul is very essential to our being in seeking the face of God and identifying our spiritual potentials in God(Knowledge of the Self).The human body can as well limit the soul's transcendence because it only seeks for momentary pleasures and enjoyment.It therefore becomes imperative that we should feed the soul with the food of the spirit for our being to be actualised in the realm of God's kingdom.The body and the soul cannot make noise simultaneously,one needs to make way for the other to speak.The noise of the body cannot last forever but the noise of the soul can.Self consciousness is the key to the noise of the soul because one is fully aware and awake thus has awaken from our bodily parochial slumber which is inclined to the unnecessary honor given to the noise of the body.                                                                                                            Conclusively,it is normal if the body and the soul makes noise at the same time because it is in line with their existence and consequently it implies that existential conflicts that lies in the world of opposition.The body should be kept mute for the soul to speak.The silence of the body now becomes the uttermost fate of every God seeker,it is the height of our divine contact and atonement to enable the plan of salvation be made manifest in our lives and the life of others.Man has to resolutely seek the face of God and ask for His grace to carry on for the world is filled with iniquities.

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