Sunday, 28 February 2016

Read why Imsu lecturer threatened to fail his students after an exam

300 level students of Education Economics Imo  state University will have to bear what will come on them if their Monetary Economics lecturer Mr. G.I Opara  goes ahead to fail them as he threatened to do.

While briefing a student who sat for the exam said the exam was suppose to start by 3pm but because there was no available hall at that time the exam started by 20 minutes to 4 which was against the statutory 3pm.
           Education students writing exam

So the main trouble started when they were asked to submit their their papers when they have barely written for the stipulated 2hrs they were suppose to write for which led to yelling and complains against the poor administration of the exam from the students who questioned the lecturer why they have to be stop the exam behind time.
Sources said this infuriated the lecturer who felt insulted and threatened the students with mass failure in the exam.

A student of the institution said in some examinations whenever the start behind time they are  hardly allowed enough time to write.

We at are calling on the University to please correct this anomaly students failing exams they prepared for.

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  1. The lecturer is wrong! He's supposed to give them enuf time to write the exam. Too bad...

  2. Is that enough reason to fail his students? mtcheeeeeeeeew

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