Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Africa's rising star, Miss phayvore reveals the fascinating inspiration behind the book MY LECTURER MY UNCLE

Call her the voice of a new age and you might not be far from knowing her.
Today in our personality profiling we bring to your knowledge and consciousness a rising sun from Africa Miss Anyahurunwa Favor Makuachi the author of fast selling novel MY LECTURER, MY UNCLE .

The stunning African beauty who hails from Ubomiri L.G.A in Imo state Nigeria born into the Family of Mr and Mrs Obioma Anyahurunwa  in a recent chat with revealed some fascinating things that has kept her Unique amongst them is impacting positively in the society and adding value to people's lives.

When asked what was the inspiration behind her fast selling book the beauty who dislikes stinginess and selfishness replied "The inspiration behind the book my lecturer my uncle is the education system mostly here in Africa, at which lecturers would always want something in return in order not to fail students"

The soulful writer and lover of creativity and smartness who is currently a student of Sikim Manipal University Ghana where she is studying journalism brought to light the moral decadence and corruption in the modern day educational system in Africa in this book.
Join Favour as she raises this awareness by patronizing the book and contacting her to chip in your own ideas to create a better educational system in Africa.
Below are more stunning pics of her.

Contact favour to order for the book and also connect with her.
Facebook page: MISSPhayvore
Instagram: @missphayvore

Our searchlight is everywhere looking for young Africans making a difference.
You can contact us if you have anything you think can impact positively in the society we are
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