Thursday, 26 November 2015

Federal Government to commence payment of N5000 to unemployed youth next year

Come 2016, the Federal Government would commence payment of N5,000 promised unemployed Nigerian youth during the electioneering campaign, from 2016.
​The minister of youth and sports, Solomon Dalong,said this on Wednesday when he paid a condolence visit on the national chairman of the APC, John Odigie-Oyegun, over the death of Abubakar Audu.

Mr. Dalong,who spoke to ​ journalists​ during the visit​,​ said

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

I am still the Obi Of Obinugwu - Eze Ilomuanya debunks media reports of his dethronement

In response to the paid advertorial sponsored by All Progressives Congress, APC, Imo State Chapter and signed by its Chairman, Dr. Hilary Eke which was published in the Daily Sun of Friday, August 15, 2014, His Royal Highness Eze (Dr) Cletus. I. Ilomuanya has through his solicitors denied his alleged dethronement as the Obi of Obinugwu Community in Imo State. He also described as “contrived falsehood” the statement that he was found guilty of criminal offences by a High Court sitting in Calabar, Cross River State. A letter dated November 10, 2015 and addressed to the Editor, Daily Sun by Law Bond Solicitors on behalf of the royal father, reads in part:
Austrian girl who joined Isis beaten to death while trying to escape (photo)
When you dine with the devil, you will get constipation...
One of the two teenager girls who ran away from their home
in Austria to join terror group Isis has reportedly been beaten
to death after trying to flee their Syrian stronghold.
Samra Kesinovic, 17, left her Austrian home she shared with
her parents in April 2014 and, along with friend Sabina
Selimovic, travelled to Syria to join Isis, becoming ‘poster
girls’ for the group.
Austrian newspapers have reported that Samra was killed by
the extremists after she tried to escape Raqqa, their main
stronghold in Syria, however the Austrian government has not
commented on the case.
15 yr old whips 7yr old brother to death
The sleepy community of Otuagbagi in Ogbia Local Government Area, of Bayelsa State, was thrown into mourning, yesterday, following the alleged whipping to death of a seven-year old boy by her sister during a domestic quarrel, Vanguard reports.

The deceased, identified as Harry, was reportedly whipped to death by his 15-year old elder sister, Faith Festus, over alleged refusal to go for an errand.

Chilling video footage of police murder of a young Teenager sparks Outrage in Chicago (photos)
The chilling dashcam footage showing a white cop shooting dead a black teenager has been made public despite attempts by both the police and Chicago city officials to block its release.

The shocking video shows as Officer Jason Van Dyke shoots 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times, and for 13 seconds as the motionless young man lays on the ground at point blank range.

At one point, smoke can be seen coming from the teenager's back as shots are fired.
The young teen

Suspicious Boyfriend Uses Snap chat to expose cheating girlfriend (photos)
For those who love sending nude and semi-nude pictures to
strangers, i hope you learn a lesson from this.
A man who thought his girlfriend was cheating on him caught
her by making a fake Snapchat account then got her to send
him some snaps.
The unnamed woman’s photos have now been shared around
the world through Facebook.
The sneaky boyfriend, who wants to remain anonymous,
created a Snapchat account posing as one of his mates and
immediately started talking to his own girlfriend.
However it wasn’t long until she decided it was time to
unwittingly send her own boyfriend some sexy snaps.
The boyfriend, childishly took to Facebook to have his
revenge, and posted the photos. He also made sure to tag her
in them, as well as the fake account and captioned the

He raged:
Here (blank)… These snaps from (blank) were meant for

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

NEW MUSIC: Uchay Laughlin brings worship alive with "IMELA PAPA" [AUDIO]
He is new and he's a different, new Gospel act Uche Emmanuel is west to thrill audience with a very soulful worsdhip single titled "Imela Papa" . 
Uche Emmanuel who goes by the stage name Uchay Laughlin did deliver in this song. When asked what fans should expect from him the Imo State born act replied "people should expect more of good music and exciting soulful worship songs"

He also hinted on more new songs and also intend working with some established Gospel acts.

Monday, 23 November 2015

He vomited blood and slumped - Relation Gives detailed  account of how Audu Abubakar died
The gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kogi State, Abubakar Audu, who died this evening reportedly vomited blood before he gave up the ghost.

According to Dailypost, a source close to the family said:
“I spoke with someone in late Prince Audu’s family.

“The person told me that the former governor repeatedly vomited blood.

“The family tried to rush him to the hospital but he died in the process.

“There is speculation of food poison or spiritual attack but no one can say for now.

“But his family confided in me that blood kept gushing out from his mouth.”


Sunday, 22 November 2015

Hacker group "ANONYMOUS'' claims Isis is planning multiple terror attacks today

Hacking group Anonymous claims ISIS is plotting a worldwide day of terror today. In a statement the secretive collective claims terrorists are plotting to carry out as many as eight attacks on Sunday.

France, the United States, Indonesia, Italy and Lebanon have reportedly been targeted according to posts on Twitter alongside the hashtags #22Daesh #OpParis.

Among the events targeted is the WWE wrestling event at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, the Express reports.

It will be recalled that hacker group Anonymous declared war against ISIS after the attacks in Paris last Friday night.
Picture of Man who won most Ugliest man in Zimbabwe
As the rate of unemployment looms Zimbabwe, people
decided to create something to get people some cash to
reduce unemployment effects. One of such is the creation of
most ugly beauty pageant in the country.
This 42 years old unemployed man Maison Sere contested
and was able to win the sum of $500 which is a lot of
money in their country. Sere who wore overall and has a
number of teeth contested before but he took the fourth

When he was announced winner this year, he told journalists

Saturday, 21 November 2015

JUST IN : unofficial results from Kogi Governorship election
The Kogi people have been deciding on Saturday, November 21, who will be the next governor of the state.

The residents have choices of 22 aspirants, but the most popular are Abubakar Audu from the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Idris Wada, candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party and the incumbent governor of the state.

As polling units have been already closed, counting of ballot papers commence and Nigerians are posted unofficial results of the election.

Disclaimer: please note that the results below are not final; the information may be updated any time.

INEC is the only authority which can declare official election results, no results are authentic until confirmed by INEC.

Ogori–Magongo local government area (LGA)

Mopamuro Ward 08 Unit 1 – APC – 28, PDP 118. Unit 2 – APC 23, PDP – 75. Unit 3 – APC 27, PDP – 59.

Aiyegunle Gbede

Oge unit  APC – 79, PDP – 37

Iluafon APC – 58,  PDP – 16

Okomi Ayere Ijumu

APC – 80, PDP – 52. Unit 04 APC – 90, PDP – 38

Aiyetoro Gbede

Oke Bukun: PDP – 81, APC – 113

Aduratedo: PDP – 107, APC – 131

Iluafon: APC – 138, PDP – 86

Demonstration Kabba

APC – 171, PDP – 70

Unit 017, SUBEB open space, Lokoja PDP – 129, APC – 193.

Muhammed Ali lost polling unit Ogane Dekina by Anglican Primary School PU PDP – 213, APC – 86, LP – 1, invalid – 13.

Adavi LGA: APC – 12, PDP – 5, LP – 30, DPP – 1, invalid – 1, total – 49.

Amole open space, Lokoja. APC – 148; PDP – 110; LP – 8; PPA – 5; APGA – 1; APA – 1; PDC – 1. Invalid votes – 13. Accredited voters: 319.

Crowther Memorial College unit, Lokoja LGA. APC – 169; PDP – 129; PPA – 5; LP – 7.


Idah LGA, Ugwoda Ward, Ojaina unit 006 APC – 39 PDP – 39

Idah LGA, PU (22/07/04/011) ADC – 3 APA – 3 APC – 111 CPP –  1 DPP – 1 PDC – 1 PDP – 63 PPA – 2 NNP – 1

Lokoja LGA

Lokoja A Ward,  APC – 139 PDP – 144

Ajaokuta LGA, ward 2 Ebiya South 01 Town Hall: ACC – 123; APC – 73, PDP – 45.

‎Ajaokuta LGA, ward 08 Achagana 001 Open Space: APC – 85 PDP – 124

Ajaokuta LGA, ward 13-Old Ajaokuta 001-Kilometer 18: ACC – 87 APC – 42 PDP – 45‎

Idah Ward 05 Ogegele 002 Open Space, Ogegele1: ACC – 183, APC – 100, PDP – 77‎

‎Crowther Memorial College unit, Lokoja LGA. APC – 169, PDP – 129, PPA – 5, LP – 7

Also, the director general of Governor Idris Wada’s re-election committee, Senator Tunde Ogbeh  lost his polling unit to the APC.

The All progressive Congress defeated PDP – 200 to 158 votes at Lokoja Club.

PU 002, Karaworo South, Lokoja PDP – 185,  APC – 231;

PU 12, Amole’s Space, Lokoja APC – 148,  PDP – 110,  LP – 8  PPA – 5,  APGA – 1,  APA – 1, PDC – 1.

Odolu Ward: APC – 206, PDP – 95; Ijumu Ayere unit 03: APC – 101, PDP – 58; AyegunleGdede/ Iluhafon ward: APC – 167, PDP – 41.

Igalamela/Odolu Ward02 Ekwuloko 006 Open Space, Otikpatikpa: APC – 02, PDP – 120
‎Igalamela/Odolu Ward03 Odolu 001Open Space,Ukponoji APC – 15 PDP – 420
Kabba/Bunu 04 Odolu 004 St Barnabas Sec Sch APC – 206.,  PDP – 95
‎Kabba/Bunu Ward04 Odo Ape 001Postal Agency APC – 101,  PDP –  146.
Kogi election results from APC situation room so far:

Ogori Mangongo LGA—APC – 2321, PDP – 1934;
Adavi LGA—APC – 22659, PDP – 7,767;

Okehi LGA—APC – 17,801. PDP – 5808;
Yagba West LGA—APC – 6231 , PDP – 6639;

Igalamela-Odolu LGA— APC – 6075 , PDP – 7285;

Idah LGA— APC – 10445 , PDP – 6113;

Mopa/Moro LGA – APC – 3881, PDP – 2793;

Bassa LGA— APC – 7412, PDP – 9964;

Dekina LGA —-APC – 18189 , PDP – 13885;

Kabba BUNU— APC – 8737. PDP – 9009;

Ibaji—APC – 6076 , PDP – 13358;

Kogi LGA–APC – 15358, PDP – 2735;

Olamaboro LGA—APC – 10419, PDP – 7788;

The girl was standing right beside me -Kano Bomb blast Survivor gives eyes Witness account on bombing incident

Survivors of the Wednesday twin bomb blasts at the popular GSM Market in Kano have recounted their ordeal. The suicide bombers killed about 18 people and injured 99, while property and goods worth millions of naira were destroyed.Eyewitness accounts stated that a Volkswagen Space Sharon vehicle dropped off the Hijab-wearing teenage girls and zoomed off. While one of them made straight for the heart of the ever busy market, the other headed for the roadside of the market. In the twinkling of an eye, the bombs went off; people died, some were injured and a heavy stampede ensued.

Guy rains cold blooded insult on Nollywood actress Shan George + her matured reply (screenshots)

Nollywood actress, Shan George replied to an insult by a guy named Ray over  her comment on Instagram.

It all started when Ray, a very rich Nigerian guy based in Malaysia, posted a video of himself and friends dancing, singing and flaunting bottles of “Ace of Spades”champagne, worth about N60k a bottle,  Shan George then asked whether there was drink inside the bottle. Hushpuppi replied and said “Yes drink dey inside. E never finish like your career.”

Kogi polls: Card reader fails to capture Governor and wife's finger print as violence erupts in Ajetachi town

The town of Ajetachi in Dekina Local Government Area has been taken over by rampaging hoodlums as they continued to attack voters.
The hoodlums also reportedly attacked and vandalised the PDP campaign office in the town as they chant war songs.

Military personnel were drafted to calm the situation.

No reason was given by the hoodlums for their actions as apprehension grow in the town ahead of the 1:30pm commencement of voting.

Card Reader failed to Read Governor Idris Wada’s hand

Wada’s wife, Halimat Wada name missing on voters list

Keep update with us as we follow the developments
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Friday, 20 November 2015

RARE GENIUS : Student breaks record in UI (University of Ibadan)

The Nation reports that a 23-year-old student got 8 out of 11 possible distinctions in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

The indigene of Iragbiji in Osun state beat the record of seven distinctions set some years ago and became the overall best graduating student of the university.

Organizers and participants of the convocation ceremony held at the International Conference Centre of the university were shocked and amazed when his name was called 31 times during the prize presentation.

Speaking with The Nation, Sadiq explained how he achieved such success and why he chose veterinary medicine and not medicine or surgery.

“Years ago, University of Ibadan practised a mode of admission where your credentials are graded; basically your JAMB and O-level results. Unfortunately, my O-Level was not included, so my weighted average was so low. It was 27.5; too low for the course I wanted. Veterinary medicine was neither my first nor second choice. It was an alternative as ‘change of course’ due to what I call irregularities, which prevented me from being admitted for Basic Medical Science,” he said.

When asked how he managed to break the record and become the best graduating student, Sadiq explained:

“I knew I was going to do very well in the university, but being the best overall student of the year…sincerely I did not think of it. I had some B grades despite the fact that I still scored highest in those courses. The number of distinctions attainable in the veterinary school, University of Ibadan is 11 and I made 8. The other three courses were B grades.”

The talented young man revealed that after his youth service he is planning to enroll for a postgraduate course in diagnostic medicine in the USA.

“Being a first class student takes hardwork, focus and prayer to sustain. Some are gifted, but work is still required. Prayer is a necessity if we want to survive the hurdles of life; I am a Muslim and I pray five times daily. Distractions would always surface, but when you are focused, you will be able to achieve many things, even with the numerous distractions in the university.”

“In veterinary school, 24 hours is never enough. Going to class Mondays to Fridays, from 8am to 5pm; extra-classes on weekends, numerous tests from various departments…It is impossible to thrive without burning the midnight oil,” he said.

Although Sadiq dedicated all his life to studying and had no time for romance, he has no regrets as God always helps him to go through hard times.
Imsu JB debuts in New movie role with Nollywood  big shots (Photos)
One of Imo most hilarious comic clowns Kelvin Nosike popularly known as  Imsu Jb after the sucess of his hilarious skits has taken his game to a different level by starring in a new Nollywood  movie titled "TAKE OVER" 

Imsu JB in his clown costume

The movie Which was directed by Uche Oputa had an array of Nollywood big shots on set.

Imsu Jb with one of the actors on set.

JB who hinted pachigo's updates said he played the role of Hausa youth. Can't wait to watch the movie

Continue for more photos

Nigerians reaction to Benin Republic invasion of Kwara community

Following the reports of invasion of 16 communties by Benin Republic in Kwara State, Nigerians have  reacted to the shocking development.

See Tweets:

PMB is confronted with Goliath that has several problems like,Economy,BokoHaram,5K,Employment etc a Joseph is urgently needed Benin Republic

— Akinseye Sanmi (@sanmiakinseye) November 20, 2015

Buhari where are you? Benin republic just bit the tail of lion

Gov. Okorocha sends SOS to Federal Government over dilapidated structures in Imo

The Imo State Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha has called on the Federal Government to urgently look into the federal establishments in the State that has deteriorated with a view of putting the dilapidated structures into proper shape for better productivity.  He stated this when he received the newly posted State Comptroller, of the Nigeria Immigration Service at the Government House.  The Governor expressed his joy at the great sense of responsibility and passion exhibited by the Comptroller since she took over office, stating that her vision to succeed is quite commendable and urged her not to rest on her oars.

BUSTED!!! Kardashians caught faking scenes in KUWTK episodes
The Kardashians are nothing if not consistent in their constant fakery! In the season 11 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians the reality show stars are once again busted for staging scenes.

How the children are dealing with Caitlyn Jenner‘s transition is a large story line but her appearance at the ESPY Awards is a major continuity flaw, according to the blog Keeping Up with the Kontinuity Errors(KUWTKE)

Face of Europe first female  suicide bomber that blew herself up in France attack(photos)

Dramatic audio has emerged of the final moments of Europe's first female suicide bomber as she screamed 'he's not my boyfriend' at police seconds before blowing herself to pieces.

Hasna Ait Boulahcen's head was sent flying out of a window and her spine landed on a police car when she detonated an explosive vest during a fierce gun and grenade battle with French commandos.

Moments before, in a recording captured at the scene, the 26-year-old cousin of Paris massacre ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud is heard yelling amid heavy gunfire.

An officer shouts to her: 'Where is your boyfriend?', seemingly directed at reports which initially surfaced that Ait Boulahcen may have been Abaaoud's jihadi bride.

The suicide female bomber who is believed to have had strings of multiple boyfriends and also seen as a party animal enjoying pictured in a bubble bath tub

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Photos from MC banana mouth birthday  novelty match

One of O town promising comedian MC banana mouth had his birthday novelty match  on 10th November at Ogbaku central school it had an array of popular comedians and personalities present.

Including O town comedy finest the duo of Pawizzy and Red mouth
and personalities like Comaz Umez.

Photos below ....