Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Plot to sack Imo Poly Rector thickens as Workers take agitations to Governor

If the group of workers and academic staff clamouring for the removal of Imo state polytechnic rector haves their way he might have to use the exit door soon.

The embattled rector of imo state polytechnic Rev.fr. wence madu has come under heavy criticisms by workers of the polytechnic of who are agitating for the removal of the rector whom they described as not fitting for the position of the rector.
The polytechnic's staff who seem not to be restive in their agitations accused the rector of jeopardizing the free education of the state governor by collecting school fees from students, they went further by stating equivocally that some of the polytechnic's batch for NYSC couldn't go because of the failure of the rector to get their courses accredited.

Further more, the workers went further to state that the rector has been owing them accruing arrears thereby being insensitive to their plights as workers. Also, the workers also charged governor to sack both the rector and the the polytechnic's governing council whom they accused of allowing the rector too much authoritative hand and not playing their role very well and also lamented the shady manner in which ETF projects in the school was carried out.

This is coming after a staff of the polytechnic served the Rector a letter reportedly signed by Okija shrine demanding his presence there some months ago for some questionable reasons.

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New era in chocolate city music group as MI emerges CEO and ice prince vice president.. (Tweets)
Chocolate City Music has confirmed Jude “M.I” Abaga while Panshak “Ice Prince” Zamani steps up as Vice President.
The changes became necessary after outgoing CEO, Audu Maikori announced his
resignation as Chocolate City CEO back in April. See some of Audu’s tweets below, and follow the hashtag #ThankYouAudu for more Chocolate City facts and details.

Imo: Black axe cult group engages police in daring shootout to resist arrest in Egbu Owerri.
Despite stiff warning from Imo police command that the state is not breeding ground for cultists some hardened cultist are still adamant and even went as far as engaging the police in a daring shootout.

It was a bad sunday for 15 black axe cult members terrorising Egbu community in Owerri North Local Government Area of Imo State, as they engaged a police team in a shoot out, which left their leader "saka" dead with several others injured.
The gun battle which took place on Sunday at the Egbu Community Girls Secondary School, followed a tip-off when the notorious cult members came around on their usual terror-bouts in Egbu community.
The cult leader: Chimaobi Iheme (aka Saka), died in the process.

Briefing newsmen on the incident yesterday at the command headquarters, Owerri, Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCP Dave Akinremi, disclosed that operatives of the command met stiff resistance from the cultists, but were later overpowered by the police. He said two of the cultists received gunshot wounds and were arrested, while others escaped.
“One Chimaobi Iheme (aka Saka), died while receiving treatment. The DCP, who represented Police Commissioner, Austin Evbakhavbokun, gave names of other suspects arrested as Opara Chinwekene, 25, and Amarikwa Tochukwu Franklyn, 24, both of Mpama village, Egbu, in Owerri North LGA of the state.

Items recovered from the cultists, he said, included three locally made pistols, seven live cartridges, four expended cartridges, two cutlasses, one hand cult axe, six GSM phones, one Keke Napep and one motorcycle. According to him, the suspects have made useful statements that “they are members of a cult known as NEO Black Movement (aka Black Axe).

While soliciting for the support of the members of the public in the fight against criminality in the state, he warned parents to warn their children and wards to desist from criminal activities, adding that any person involved in cultism is equally an armed robber.

Source: fadoflo.com

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Holy Holy!!! You wouldn't believe the total makeover boy born without eye and nose got (disturbing images)

A toddler who was born with no eyes, a hole in the middle of his face where his nose should be and no upper jaw has undergone reconstructive surgery and unveiled his new face.

The Moroccan-born toddler, who lived in a small village six hours from Casablanca before he was flown to Australia for surgery, was born deformed after complications in the womb stopped the bones in his face from fusing together.

Now, after undergoing an 18-hour life-changing operation, the miracle child has been given the chance to live a normal life thanks to Melbourne doctors who remodeled the bones on his face.
Despite his incredibly rare condition Yahya defied all odds by surviving in the womb and managed to grow into a happy and healthy toddler.

However he was a social outcast in his hometown and his parents kept him hidden away, believing his appearance was too confronting for some.

They covered their son up when he left the house and due to the lack of roofing on his mouth he was unable to speak and could only communicate through grunting noises.

Am sorry if the images are disturbing.

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When love happens, Arsenal jack Wilshire dating his barbers daughter.

The Arsenal midfielder is currently
dating 24-year-old Andriani Michael
who is also the daughter of his
Jack Wilshere’s barber might be his
father in-law to be.
The 23-year-old Arsenal midfielder has been dating his barber’s daughter Andriani Michael who he has been holidaying with.

“Summer time with this one,” he
captioned an Instagram photo of
himself and Andriani.

Can our Nigerian celebs take a cue from this one.

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SUSPENSION: Imo SSG dares aggrieved traditional rulers to provide court restraining order.

We have read reports in the newspapers on Wednesday June 24, 2015 on the purported court order granted to about forty traditional rulers in the state restraining the state Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha from suspending them as traditional rulers.

The reports in question had also stated that the traditional rulers had gone to court to challenge the “alleged excesses” of the Governor. And in all the reports the traditional rulers did not tell Nigerians what is the crux of the matter or the bone of contention.

Having carefully dodged the issue of telling Nigerians and Imo people in particular what the problem is all about and the main reason for which they went to court because the “alleged excesses” of the Governor would not have made them to go to court, we therefore conclude that they were been hunted by their unfortunate actions and inactions during the 2015 elections. Infact, they are being battled by their consciences.
The truth is that the Governor, Owelle Okorocha or his government has neither suspended any of the forty traditional rulers nor queried any of them for any reason to warrant their going to court.

So, the reported court order restraining the governor from suspending the traditional rulers is questionable or even suspicious. We therefore challenge the traditional rulers to publish the referenced court order for Nigerians to read because we strongly believe that an order cannot be given in the vacuum. It must be anchored on something.

The traditional rulers in question are only been hunted by their miscalculation during the 2015 elections. And they have begun to run when no one is pursuing them. The Traditional Rulers allowed themselves to be deceived by the PDP and they went beyond their bound, and the fear of that costly mistake is now their palaver.

The debate remains that as we had PDP widows, so we had PDP traditional rulers. Even PDP Ugoezes and so on. Yet, the governor has never said or done anything to that effect to warrant any body going to court and for the court to give any restraining order.
What happened, which the traditional rulers didn’t want to tell the world is that the state Council of traditional rulers, led by HRM Eze Samuel Ohiri had suspended four traditional rulers from the Council and set up a panel to look into the conduct of fifty others over their gross involvement in politics and disobedience to a directive given by the Council during the election time.

The Ezes’ Council is established by law. And the law establishing it credited some functions to the leadership of the Council independent of the state government or the governor. But the law did not give the leadership of the Council the right to sack anybody as an Eze but can suspend any Eze from the Council and that was what happened. The four Ezes were suspended from the Council.

The law under reference also gives the governor the authority to sack or dethrone or suspend any traditional ruler from his stool but he has never taken any of the actions against any of the traditional rulers who went to court. Let them prove us wrong with facts. The story is that, the government sacked the former Council chairman, Dr. Cletus Ilomuanya and also dethroned him as Eze. The Appeal Court gave him judgement on the chairmanship of the Council and the government went on appeal to the Supreme Court, which they do not like to talk about.

And the same Dr. Ilomuanya organized the Traditional Rulers in question to be involved in the political rally organized for the PDP Presidential candidate then, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan even against the directive of the leadership of the Council and the government that the traditional rulers should not honour the invitation of Dr. Ilomuanya because he had been removed as chairman. They also broke into the Council’s secretariat. The affront was irritating.

Even when the state government had written to the then President,
Dr. Jonathan through his chief of
staff that if he needed to meet with
the traditional rulers, that could be
done for him, than doing that
through someone the government
had removed as chairman, the
letter was acknowledged but was
not acted upon.
Against the backdrop of all these,
the Council suspended four of the
traditional rules and set up a panel
to look into the activities of about
fifty others. And the panel is still
sitting. And the government had
been reported widely in the media
to have disassociated itself from the
actions of the Council. So, how and
where did the governor come into
the matter to warrant being taken
to court and getting an order? That
is left for the Traditional Rulers to
establish. Let them publish all they
have, now that we have challenged
them including the court order they

Dr Sam onwuemedo Chief press secretary to the Governor.
Chibok girls now fighting for Bokoharam - BBC + eye witness account

A new report now say that some of the Chibok schoolgirls under Boko Haram custody now fight alongside the Islamist militant group, the BBC has been told.

According to eyewitnesses, the girls are now being used to terrorize other captives, and are even carrying out killings themselves.

BBC reports that the testimony cannot be verified but quoted Amnesty International sources who say that other girls kidnapped by Boko Haram have been forced to fight About two-hundred-and-nineteen schoolgirls from Chibok, have been missing since in April 2014 after they were kidnapped from their school in northern Nigeria. Many of those seized are Christians.
Three women who claim they were held in the same camps as some of the Chibok girls have told the BBC’s Panorama programme that some of them have been brainwashed and are now carrying out punishments on behalf of the militants.
Anna, aged 60, is one of them. She fled a camp in the Sambisa forest in December where she was held for five months. She now sits beneath a tree close to the cathedral in the Adamawa state capital of Yola. Her only possessions are the clothes she ran away in.
When pressed on how she could be sure that it is was the Chibok schoolgirls that she’d seen, Anna said: “They [Boko Haram] didn’t hide them. They told us: ‘These are your teachers from Chibok.’
“They shared the girls out as teachers to teach different groups of women and girls to recite the Koran,” Anna recalled.
“Young girls who couldn’t recite were being flogged by the Chibok girls.”
“People were tied and laid down and the girls took it from there… The Chibok girls slit their throats,” said Anna. Anna said she felt no malice towards the girls she had seen taking part in the violence, only pity.

“It’s not their fault they were forced to do it.” she added. “Anyone who sees the Chibok girls has to feel sorry for them.”
Mugabe mocks US gay marriage asks Obama to marry him

Zimbabwe’s 90-year-old president, Robert Mugabe, has challenged President Barack Obama by asking for his hand in marriage. His comment comes at the back of the legalization of gay marriage in the United States by the Supreme Court.
Mugabe during his weekly radio interview with Zimbabwe’s national radio last Saturday said:

“I’ve just concluded since President Obama endorses the same-sex marriage, advocates homosexual people and enjoys an attractive countenance thus if it becomes necessary , I shall travel to Washington, D.C. , get down on my knee, and ask his [Obama’s] hand. I can’t understand how this people dare to defy Christ’s explicit orders as our Lord prohibited mankind from sodomy.''

Mugabe is also reported to have added that the American Government is run by pervert, Satan-worshipers who insult the Great American nation. The American tradition and heritage was based on lofty Christian principles, added Mr. Mugabe, but to the detriment of this great nation, America’s corrupt political elite is acting according to their diabolic whims.
Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage, the first ever from a sitting president, came amid growing pressure for the president to clarify his previously muddled opinion.
Are they serious!! We regret voting for Buhari - Yoruba leaders

President Muhammau Buhari may have lost the support of some Yoruba elders less than 100 days into his tenure.
The leaders are particularly angry with Buhari over the recently concluded National
Assembly elections, which they feel was a big blow to the South west.

They berated the president for his silence and suggested that their region might not benefit from the Buhari administration despite voting massively for the president during the April 2015 presidential polls.

“For the fact that the South-West played a key role in the emergence of Buhari as the president, it is expected that they would occupy a more strategic position than the post of vice president”, said one of the elders.
They argued that the National Assembly leadership election has given the impression that their region is weak politically.

Some of the leaders who also participated in the last National Conference also say the region must re-strategise to assert itself in the politics of the nation.

They argued that the position of Professor Yemi Osinbanjo, the current vice president, who is a South west indigene is not a powerful position. Chief Ayo Opadokun, a South-West leader,
who spoke to the Nigerian Pilot yesterday on the current power imbalance, noted that the Yoruba race made a great mistake by not re-electing former president Goodluck Jonathan, considering what he had in stock for the zone.

He emphasised that the implementation of the National Conference report would elevate the standard of the zone, which is the reason people of the South-West should have queued behind Jonathan.
It will be recalled that during the
electioneering period, the Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organisation warned the leaders of the All Progressives Congress to stop insulting Yoruba Obas.

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Dubai visa for just N1500!!! honestly I ain't playing (see details)

This is obviously the biggest price slash in travelling we have ever seen.
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Monday, 29 June 2015

Cucumber gets stuck in girls private part while she was masturbating with it (narration screen shots)

I saw this on lailasblog and I couldn't help but share with you guys .
According to her she received the an email from a UNN student and you wouldn't believe what it was all about .

Below is what the sender narrated

A student was allegedly trying to do a quickie on herself in the absence of her roomies but with a cucumber. In the course of the action, the fruit broke and stuck inside her private part. She cried out and was rushed to the medical centre as she started bleeding profusely.

The doctors demanded that she must contact her parents before a surgery would be done to remove it, but she ran away... She is still at large. 

Mehnn..am speechless

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He means business!!! Buhari orders the arrest of brother in law over fraud(photo)

When a man like Buhari tells you the war against corruption is real it wasn't just a jargon and not even close family members or associates would be spared

This was actually made manifest when president Muhammadu Buhari reportedly ordered Nigeria’s security agents to arrest his brother-in-law for allegedly extorting money from an unnamed businessman. A close confidante of the Nigerian leader told SaharaReporters that the suspect, named Musa Yola, was the immediate younger brother of Mr. Buhari’s wife.

The suspect, also addressed as “Alhaji Yola,” reportedly received N300 million from a businessman after promising to provide his dupe with political access to secure an oil block from the Buhari administration. According to the source, Mr. Buhari personally ordered last Monday night that Mr. Yola be produced before him in handcuffs in the company of the businessman he duped.

After telling the businessman that he was stupid to part with such significant cash when he should know that he, Mr. Buhari, would not participate in fraud, the president ordered agents of the State Security Services (SSS) attached to Aso Rock Villa to thoroughly investigate the scam. He also ordered the SSS operatives to ensure that the businessman recovered his money from his brother-in-law. An SSS source told SaharaReporters, “Alhaji Yola has refunded the money to the affected businessman.” He added: “Alhaji Yola has been released on bail.”

Sai Buhari!!!

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Gobe!!! Someone is already claiming olamide stole "Shakiti bobo" dance from him

Upcoming music act, LT whose real name is Olowu Taiwo has made direct accusations at rapper Olamide, claiming he stole the now viral ‘Shakiti Bobo’ dance moves from him.

The musician during a recent interview with HIP TV said,
“After I did my video, a friend of mine told me the dance I did in the video (Yobo dance) was trending on Instagram by Olamide.
And my friend told me he had already told someone who is in Olamide’s crew about the dance. I released the audio version of my own song on 22nd April, 2015, and Olamide released his own song on 2nd May.

During that time, I was working on my viral video which I released on 6th May. It wasn’t up to 24 hours after that, I saw ‘ Shakiti Bobo.’
I was like, what’s going on; why is this happening at this particular time. I’m not here to point fingers that someone stole my dance moves, but I feel it’s not cool for you to do something that you knew about from someone else, and pick it up as your own.”

Afterwards, attempts were made to confirm this assertions and a call was put through to Olamide’s manager, Alex but he hung up the phone. Other attempts to reach out to him and Olamide’s camp proved abortive.

Could it be true?we just dey watch

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Wizkid, yemi Alade looses out in BET awards

The two Nigerian hopehopefuls for the BET award Best International Act, Africa lost out to Livingstone Etse Satekla a.k.a StoneBwoy. Ghana’s Reggae and Dancehall artiste Stonebwoy won his first BET Award today, 28 June 2015 beating the duo of Nigeria’s Wizkid and Yemi Alade.

Other contestants include Sarkodie (Ghana), Fally Ipupa (Congo), THE SAUTI SOL (South Africa) and AKA also from South Africa. The award was last won a year ago by Aye crooner, Davido in a double swoop gpa also saw him dominate 2014 MTVMAMAs.

Sarkordie and stoneboy(BET best African act winner) during BET awards briefing.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

If you think it's only Nigerian legislators that fights during sessions , then you need to see this (photos)
Before you think it's only our legislators thanks brings up their "Mohammed Ali"and "mayweather" sides when the arguments fail to reach consensus agreement. look at the pics of how it goes down in other legislative houses around the world .

All the same it's not worth it to turn our legislative house into a boxing arena.

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SUNDAY PROFILING: Meet handsome Milan
Meet pachigo's updates face of the week

Meet Hand some Milan.
In no particular order Milan resides in Lagos loves travelling, surfing the net and loves sleeping.
28yrs of age

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Top ten Nigerian celebrities with multiple baby mamas

Without doubts, having babies out of wed-lock is no longer a big deal in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

And it is fast turning into a bragging right among celebrities, similar to how American celebrities brag about doing prison time.

Special mention must be made of the likes of Ice Prince, MayD, Olamide, Davido, Wizkid, Brymo, are all proud fathers with no legal wife.

ExpressNG brings you list of top 10 male celebrities who have kids from more than one baby mama.

9ice (artiste) – 2 Baby Mamas & One ex-wife

Special Adviser to the Oyo State governor on Youths, Abolore, has children from three different women. The Gongo Aso crooner and his fiancé Olasunkanmi Ajala welcomed their first child together, a baby girl in 2014.

The baby is the singer’s fourth. His first son, Zion, was born while he was married to his ex-wife Toni Payne in 2008. Aside that, he had a set of twin girls with his ex-girlfriend Victoria ‘Vicky” Godis thus making him a proud baby daddy of four kids from three baby mamas.

JJC (artiste) – 3 Baby Mamas

Award-winning and Multi-talented producer cum musician, JJC, unbelievably has three baby mamas and three grown up kids. This is according to impeccable sources close to the singer who has spent the better of his adult life in London.

Born Abdul Rasheed Bello, earlier said that he’s not ready to settle down any time soon.

Obafemi Martins – 3 Baby Mamas

Soccer star, Obafemi Martins popularly referred to as ‘Obagoal’ has all the credentials to make him part of this list as he is one of the proud celebrity fathers in Nigeria today.

Obafemi has three sons with three different women and he isn’t married to any of them. He welcomed his last son with Balotelli’s sister, Abigail Barwuah and they live together.

IK Ogbonna – 2 Baby Mamas

The talented actor already has a beautiful daughter who’s barely three years old with another woman. IK Ogbonna and his gorgeous girlfriend, Sonia Moralez who recently welcomed a baby together.

The identity of IK’s first baby mama had been hidden from the public eyes due to reasons best known to him, until he started showing her off on his Instagram page.

Flavour – 2 Baby Mamas

Beautiful former MBGN queen Anna Ebiere Banna is heavily pregnant for the current high-life king, Flavour Na’abalia.

Flavour will have two children from two Nigerian beauty queens. He welcomed a child with beauty queen Sandra Okagbue in September 2014.

Oritsefemi – 2 Baby mamas

Music sensation, Oritse Femi who rose to fame since the release of his re-make of Fela Kuti’s ‘Double Wahala’ song, is a proud father of two beautiful daughters who are between 9 and 10 with two different baby-mama’s.

Oritse Femi has said it severally, that he has no plans whatsoever to marry any of the mothers of his daughters. According to him, he’s got a fiancee and they are planning to get married soon.

2Face Idibia – 2 Baby Mamas and one wife

Celebrated singer, Innocent Idibia, better known as 2face Idibia, has been the butt of jokes of comedians who tagged him as ‘Father Of Many Nations.’

He is legally married to longtime girlfriend, Annie Macaulay and the union is blessed with two kids.

However, the award-winning singer has five kids with two Baby Mamas namely Pero Adeniyi and Sumbo Ajaba who is now married to a pastor.

Tee Billz – One Baby Mama and a wife

Tiwa Savage’s Manager turned husband, Tee Billz reportedly has two children with ex-girlfriend before he got married to the sensational singer.

According to information, the ex-lovers were not married but reportedly dated for a couple of years and the romance resulted in two beautiful girls.

He now expects another bundle of joy from wife, Tiwa, who is due to deliver in a couple of months.

Pasuma – 5 baby mamas

Popular fuji musician, Alabi Pasuma has been linked with several women, including Nollywood actresses and top socialite.

Although, the talented and handsome composer has not officially tied the knot with any woman, yet . he is said to have up to
12 children from five different women.

Kwam 1 – Unaccounted

Award winning fuji maestro, Wasiu Ayinde Adewale is referred to as the father of many generations with over twenty children from different women. When asked to reveal the number of children he has, the veteran singer has never given a straightforward answer and would quickly back his claim with a Yoruba saying that, ‘you do not count your kids.’ However, he’s known to be married to two women, Fatiah Ayinde and Titi Marshal.

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Photos: Vikings,KK and Black axe confraternity lands in police net over killing of 12 persons in calabar

No fewer than 12 cultists will be charged to court in relation to various killings in Calabar and other parts of Cross River State, the police said. The cultists, who are currently in the custody of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Cross River State Police Command in Calabar, are still being investigated before they would be prosecuted for offences committed at the law court.

Residents of Calabar had in recent times been terrorised by activities of various cult groups.The situation is not different from other major towns in the state where the groups had been involved in killing and maiming of innocent people. Southern City News learnt on Friday from the state police command that more arrests were still being made to get to the root of most of the matters, while dangerous weapons including guns and large quantity of ammunition had been recovered from the suspects.
The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mr. Hogan Bassey, said those arrested had confessed to being members of the Vikings Confraternity, Black Axe Confraternity and KK cult group... He gave the names of the arrested suspects as
Benedict Udoka (28), Paul Asuquo (23) Anthony
Orim (22) Francis Omang (22),EtimNsa
(33)EffiongEdet (26), BasseyOrok (18),
EyoBassey (21),EnoBassey (19), UmohEkpo
(27), Emmanuel Daniel (29),PaulinusEdem (28)
and Christopher Undie (24).
Bassey said two of the suspects, who claimed to work for the state Department of Public Transportation, were arrested at a restaurant along Eyoma Street in Calabar, where they went to eat ‘dog meat’.

He said, “Information was received on March 2, 2015 at about 12.45pm that a group of boys suspected to be cultists were sighted at a dog meat joint along Eyoma Street in Calabar, the police swung into action and arrested Benedict Udoka and Paul Asuquo. A locally made pistol was recovered from Benedict. They confessed to belonging to Viking Confraternity and they will soon be charged to court.

“Others were arrested in different parts of the state after killing innocent people during their cult activities. Items ranging from locally made pistols, ammunition, knives and cutlasses were recovered from them in the cause of the raid.”

However, responding to the allegations against them, Benedict, who hails from Obot-Akara Local Government Area of AkwaIbom State, denied his involvement in cult activities, adding that he was arrested with a pistol that belonged to his friend. He said, “I was not doing anything with the gun. I was about to leave for my place of work at the Department of Transportation when one of my friend called Martins gave me a polythene bag to keep for him. I did not know the content.

He said he was going to buy some electrical equipment. I went with the polythene bag to where I went to eat. Three policemen were there, the place was close to the Mbukpa Police Station in Calabar-South.
“Meanwhile, a friend of mine was seated beside me. At that point I decided to open the polythene bag and I discovered there was gun inside.

I drew the attention of my friend seated beside me to it. I told my friend that I was going to take it to the police station but my friend advised that it will not be wise and that I should wait to hand it back to the owner. It was at that point that the policemen around sensed there was something amidst and they came to apprehend us.” However, another arrested suspect identified as Paul Asuquo, who said he hails from Creek Town in Odukpani LGA of Cross River State, said they were victims of circumstances but admitted that they knew it was illegal to possess a firearm that is not licensed.

“I am not happy about what has happened to us because in the first place, it was illegal to hold a gun if you do not have a license for it. It is really not our fault because we are not the owner of the gun. I was only on duty when my friend called me to escort him to where we would eat. I do not know the owner, but my friend knows him,” he said.

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Heartlessness!! Mother pours hot oil on baby then dumps him in bush to die (extremely graphic photos)

In this modern world with that rate of weird happening one wouldn't help but ponder on why a mother would dump her child in the Bush to die after pouring hot oil on him

presenter at Zandas Fm Owerri presenter, Mc Ominimini saw this baby at a motherless babies home and was so touched that he had to let the world see what his eyes met. Her name is sunshine. She was brought to the home when she was 2 weeks old, her mother gave birth to her and poured a very hot oil on the 2 weeks old baby and threw her in a lonely bush path for her to die there.
The baby was brought to the motherless andvshe spent sometime at the hospital now she needs a surgery to correct badly damaged body parts...
The pictures are too graphic to be posted on our blog  so you can view it  HERE and  HERE

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Friday, 26 June 2015

Look at the new techniques pastors use in luring people to their church (photos)
s Number of Churches keep growing
day in day out, the competition
between churches also keep
This Competition now make Pastor
to be using different means to
entice people to the Church.
The reigning Technique now is the
use of popular Nollywood Actors
and Actresses to lure people to
thiery revival. Comedians and
Musicians are not also left out in
the deal.

These Celebrities are invited as
Guest Artists and their pictures will
also be on the Church Handbill and

Patience Ozokwor was used as
guest Artist in one of this new
Generation last month and this
make people say She is now a
pastor… lol, The tactics is that love
for Patience by her fans will drag
them to Church.

Okon the comedian aslo has been
used as Guest Artist in a two days
revival in One church in Ebonyi
Just this week Osita Iheme
(pawpaw) posters full Abakaliki
and his environment as one King
Power a$$embly Church has
invited him to be their Guest Artist
for an upcoming revival.