Sunday, 29 March 2015

UPDATED: Results so far as voting continues
NOTE: This is not the final result it can be updated as collation continues
PU 061 Agege Lagos.
Presidential APC – 101, PDP – 44,
SEN: APC – 95, PDP – 58,
Reps: APC – 88, PDP – 58.
APC – 223,
PDP – 201.
PUs Reported: 3.
At Polling Unit 047 , Alausa, Ikeja, where Mr.
Tinubu voted. President APC – 180 PDP – 55
Senate APC – 181 PDP – 53, Reps APC –
178 PDP – 53.
Results are out at Polling Unit 008 Epetedo,
Igbosere Street, in Lagos Island: President
APC – 62, PDP – 61. Senate APC – 70, PDP
– 52. Reps APC – 61, PDP – 52.
Chants of ‘Sai Buhari’ rent the air.
Eti-osa Lekki,
House of reps: APC – 105, PDP – 91, KOWA
– 1, PPA – 1,
Senate: APC – 101, PDP – 99, AD – 2, Labour
– 1,
Presidential result: APC – 103, PDP – 99, AD
– 1.
Ward 09, PU 013 Sabo, Yaba
Presidential: APC – 83, PDP – 38, Void – 1.
Ifako-Ijaiye Ward C, PU 032
Presidential: APC – 83, PDP – 77,
Senate: APC – 88, PDP – 72,
Reps: APC – 78, PDP – 66.
Ile Agege PU 003
Presidential: APC – 84, PDP – 31,
Senate: APC – 79, PDP – 32,
Reps: APC – 84, PDP – 28.
Akowonjo Egbeda – Lagos
Presidential results:
APC – 18,907,
PDP – 2,691,
Kowa – 71.
Rogo bustop – Ishaga Lagos
Presidential result:
APC – 614,
PDP – 23.
Unit 32 (aladesuru street,papa ajao mushin)
House of reps: APC – 52, PDP – 40,
Senate: APC- 55, PDP – 37,
President: APC- 56, PDP – 29.
Ikoyi (Musiliu Obanikoro Polling Unit in Ikoyi)
REPS: PDP – 38, APC – 56, APGA – 1,
SENATE: PDP – 44, APC – 58,
Ademuyiwa (Lagos mainland)
Presidential: – APC – 107, PDP – 56.
Ward 006, Aguda Surulere:
House of Reps: APA – 1, APC – 59, PDP –
Senate: APC – 57, PDP – 159,
Presidency: APC – 63, PDP – 156. Igwe Isaac
PU 034 Theo Okunnusi Street, Alapere, Ketu
(Accredited 149)
President: APC – 109, PDP – 36,
Senate: APC – 109, PDP – 36,
HoR: APC – 111, PDP – 34.
Ota Ward II, Afobaje Unit; (my PU)
Accreditation: 380.
Total Votes count: 380.
PDP: 291.
APC: 87.
Void: 2.
At a polling unit located at Oyemekun Street
in Ogba (Unit 16)
Voting commenced 4pm and counting ended
Presidential elections: APC – 120, PDP – 95.
Nepa Bustop Jakande Estate Isolo
Presidential election: PDP – 87, APC –
400, Kowa – 2.
As more polling units and wards turn in their
results, updates will be made as the above
result is not the final result; it only shows a
breakdown of the count so far in different
wards of all 36 states including the capital of
The coverage of results of the ongoing
presidential and National Assembly elections:
Nembe Ward 3, unit 4
REPS: APC-3; PDP-39; Void votes-5
PDP-44; Void-Nil
NEMBE WARD 3, unit 6
REPS: APC-12; PDP-82; Void-5
SENATE: APC-35; Labour-1; PDP-59; Void-4
PRESIDENCY: APC-3; NCP-1; PDP 94; Void-1
REPS: APC-9;Labour-1,PDP-101; Void-3
SENATE: APC-30;Labour-4; PDP-79; Void-1
APC-5;CPP-1;Labour-1; PDP-106; Void-1
REPS: APC-11; PDP-287; Void-2
SENATE: APC-20; PDP-278; Void-2
PRESIDENCY: APC-1; PDP-297; Void-2
REPS: APC-7; PPA-2; PDP-42
SENATE: APC-11; PDP-41; Void-Nil
Counting of votes has commenced in many
polling units in Ogun State. As at 4.30 p.m.,
many of the centres had started collation and
counting of the votes while voters waited
patiently to witness the process. Agents of
the various parties were also seen at the
polling units. Long queues of voters were,
however, still seen in some polling units at
4:45 p.m.
Ondo State Governor, Olusegun Mimiko,
speedily drives out of his polling unit minutes
before the release of results in the unit.
Result at Unit 32, Ward 2 Ibadan South West
House of Reps: APC – 23; LP – 9; ACD – 3;
PDP – 9; Accord – 20; AD – 2; null and void
– 6.
Senate: Accord – 25; PDP – 8; Labour – 8;
APC – 25; null and void – 6.
Presidency: APC – 39; UPP – 1; AD – 3; AA
– 1; ACPN – 4; PDP – 19.
Pampo in Ribah , Danko/Wasagu Local
Presidential APC polled 112, PDP 13
For the Senate APC got 108, PDP 23
In the House of Representative APC got 109
and PDP polled 16.
Rafin Zuru PU,one of many in Zuru LGA
Presidential APC polled 568 and PDP 16
For Senate APC 533, PDP 54
Reps result showed APC 527, PDP 40
Shadadi 2, Wuro G PU,result in Kalgo LGA
APC has 92 and PDP 1
Presidential Senate APC 85, PDP 5
House of Representative: APC 82, PDP 11
Sunday Kola Tarasa PU, Badarariya, in Birnin
Presidential APC polled 907, PDP 37
Senate APC 616, PDP 140
House of Reps APC 807, PDP 93
Basaura/PU: Babban G in Jega LGA
Presidential APC polled 526, PDP 4
Senate: APC 325, PDP 209
Reps: APC 329, PDP 199.
Dandi Marafa II/PU: Tudun W, in Arewa/Dandi
Presidential: APC 118, PDP 11
Senate: APC 79, PDP 51
Reps: APC 83, PDP 33.
PDP has won 15 LGAs out of the 16 LGAs in
Ekiti State in the presidential election. Senate
and Reps to be declared at the councils
Ward 009 Unit 009 Ado Ekiti
Presidential: PDP – 140, APC – 59.
SENATE: PDP – 135, APC – 67.
REPs: PDP – 138, APC – 61.
PDP 5,699
APC 3,103
Ido Osi LGA
APC 7,433
PDP 12,479
Moba LGA
APC 7,492
PDP 8,687
AD 26
ADC 19
APC 8,574
PDP 11,262
*Result of Unit 11 Ward 11 cancelled due to
over voting
Ikere LGA
APC 7,990
PDP 14,091
Ileje Meje LGA
PDP 3,799
APC 3,000
Irepodun Ifelodun
APC 7,970
PDP 11,395
Emure LGA
APC 5,352
PDP 6,822
Ado Ekiti
APC 14,414
PDP 25,411
Ekiti South West LGA
APC 7,195
PDP 10,220
Ekiti West LGA
APC 8,001
PDP 10,003
Ise Orun Local Government
APC 5,675
PDP 9,158
Ikole LGA, Ekiti
APC 10,036
PDP 13,306
Gboyin LGA
APC: 6,334
PDP: 8,792
Unit 09, Ward 11, Isan Ekiti [Former Governor
Kayode Fayemi's polling booth] Presidential
Election: APC – 140, PDP – 24
Senate: APC – 135, PDP – 21
House of Reps – APC – 142, PDP – 22
Ijero LGA
PDP 13,420, APC 9498
Abuja Polling Unit 008 Area 2 shopping
complex Abuja: President (PDP: 234, APC:
Senate (PDP 213, APC:306)
AP plaza polling unit
PU 37/06/04/180
A Special Assistant on New Media, Reno
Omokri, is urging Nigerians to avoid “false
expectation”. “Learn from 2011,” he tweeted.
“Avoid the crisis of false expectations. ONLY
@inecnigeria is empowered to announce
results. Wait for them #Nigeriadecides”
Abuja Polling Unit 017 in Life Camp, Abuja.
Voting has been concluded but counting could
not continue because of darkness. But a
patriotic voter volunteered his generator.
Lighting has been set up and ballot sorting
PU 067, Akunne Street, Old Ojo Road, Lagos:
President: PDP – 192 APC 35 Senate: PDP
183 APC 39 Reps: PDP 188 APC 38
Polling Unit 004 HUDCO II North Bank
Makurdi, Benue State HOR (APC:164, PDP:
73) Senate (APC: 171, PDP: 75) Presidential
(APC:178, PDP:65)
Anshange Apa polling station , Gboko: HOR
(APC:190, PDP:22) SENATE (APC:186,
APC wins ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo’s
polling unit [Unit 2, Ward 11, Shokori,
Abeokuta North Local Government Area of
Ogun State] Presidential: APC-100, PDP-16;
Senate: APC-93, PDP-8; SDP-15; PPN-2.
House of Reps: APC-98; PDP-8; SDP-12.
Akwa Ibom
Result from Unit 26, ward 11 Ibadan north
east LGA.
Presidential: Apc 155; Pdp 39; SDP 1.
Senitorial: Apc 112; Pdp 25; SDP 8; LP 16;
Accord 56.
House of Rep; Apc 116; Pdp 34; SDP 4;Accord
42; LP 8
At Unit 9, ward at Sabo, an Hausa community,
Presidential result is Apc 152, pdp 28.
Result from Unit 26, ward 11 Ibadan north
east LGA. Counting of result ended by 8:
Presidential: Apc 155; Pdp 39; SDP 1.
Senitorial: Apc 112; Pdp 25; SDP 8; LP 16;
Accord 56.
House of Rep; Apc 116; Pdp 34; SDP 4;Accord
42; LP 8
Daura LGA, Katsina State, Buhari’s LGA
President APC 69,632, PDP 117
Mai’adua LGA, Katsina State
President APC 51,003, PDP 214
Baure LGA, Katsina State
President APC 43,691, PDP 109
Misau LGA, Bauchi State
President APC 38,330, PDP 1167
Senate APC 30,565, PDP 7816
Reps APC 30,221, PDP 7596
Nasir El-Rufai wins own polling unit [Polling
Unit 024 Anguwar Sarki Ward, Kaduna North]
Presidential Election: APC-430, PDP-11,
APA-1, AD-1, VOID – 3

Saturday, 28 March 2015

several Card readers stolen in Imo state
Imo -According to Theguardian Several card readers have been
reported to be missing in Imo State by youths who protested and turned violent after they went missing, TheGuardian reported. The complaint however, has been reported to the Resident Electoral Commission in the state, Dr Gabriel Ada.
Police were called to the scene and
intervened on the matter as 17 of the card readers have been stolen according to State Police Commissioner, Austin Evbakhavbokun.
On Friday, about 6000 policemen were deployed to the area to offer security during the polls but no one knows at this stage how the crad readers could have gone missing. For more on this story visit

A polling unit in imo

Uzinaumu polling booth in IMO state
Photo Credit: NAMEK
INEC Postpones election in areas that had accreditation problem..
The Independent National Electoral
Commission (INEC) has announced
that voting in the ongoing
presidential and parliamentary
elections will continue tomorrow in
areas where accreditation and voting problems have been discovered. In a statement released via his official Twitter alert handle, INEC said it was coming up with the plan to avoid disenfranchsing eligible voters. “INEC has been monitoring field reports on the accreditation process since commencement this morning,”
it said “Whereas the process has gone well in several places, in some others it has encountered some challenges,especially the card
Consequently, accreditation
has been slow in many places and
has not commenced at all in some others.
“Even though the guidelines for the
2015 general elections provide that
where card readers fail to work and
cannot be replaced, elections in such
PUs will be postponed to the next
day, the scale of the challenge we
have observed has necessitated a
reconsideration of the provision of
the guidelines.
“The commission has therefore
decided that in PUs where card
readers fail to work, the Presiding
Officer shall manually accredit voters.
“The Presiding Officer shall mark the
voters register upon being satisfied
that the person presenting a PVC is
the owner. Notwithstanding, in PUs
where accreditation was suspended
to the next day in accordance with
the guidelines, arrangements will be
made for voters to vote tomorrow,
subject to the provisions of the
Electoral Act 2010.”
The commisson reassured the public that it would “thoroughly investigate what happened while it stays committed to credible elections”.
Photo: underage voter spotted in Taraba  ..

A great feat of constitutional engineering was achieved in Taraba State when an underage voter was accredited in Taraba state.
The miracle happened at the Fulani market unit, Abbare A Ward, Lau Lau Local Government
Area. Besides that, the election has been generally peaceful, except few reports of violence in some
K let's keep watching
Breaking: At least two killed as Boko haram attacks a polling unit in Gombe
According to AFP, At least two people were killed in a suspected Boko Haram attack on polling stations in northeast Nigeria on Saturday, residents and an election official told AFP.
The attacks happened in the villages of Birin Bolawa and Birin Fulani in the Nafada district of Gombe state, which has been repeatedly targeted by the Islamists.
An election official, who requested anonymity,
said: “We could hear the gunmen shouting, ‘Didn’t we warn you about staying away from (the) election?'”
Photos:Look at what APC women leader was caught with this morning in lagos ...

It was reported that the woman, identified as a woman leader of the All Progressive Congress Lagos East was caught moving thumb-printed electoral materials in a yellow-coloured bus at about 12:15am.
The number plate of the apprehended bus is
FKJ450XJ. Alhaja (Chief Mrs.)      Basirat Olayinka Ojugbele, is also a Lagos fabric merchant and top socialite who emerged as the APC’s women’s leader of Ojokoro land in Lagos last year. See the alleged electoral materials below and the woman.

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Breaking: Bomb explosion rocks Enugu polling unit

A bomb explosion has reportedly rocked a polling unit about an hour ago located inside the premises of the popular WTC Primary School in Enugu-North Local Government Area
of Enugu state. Witnesses said the explosion occurred at the back of the polling unit.
The Anti-bomb disposal unit just detonated one of the bombs as at the time of filling this
Picks and details later
Governor Akpabio Bribes
INEC REC With N2.5 Billion,
To Write Results In
Government House
According to Sahara reporters credible security source has disclosed that Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State has perfected a series of plans to
manipulate tomorrow’s presidential and legislative elections in his state in favor of President Goodluck Jonathan and other candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom
State The source revealed that the governor has converted a guesthouse in the state’s newly constructed Government House along Willington Bassey Way, Uyo into an election operational base/situation room to coordinate the electoral plot. He said the governor had recruited some well-trained ICT experts to man the room.
All the PDP agents at polling units throughout the state have been given mobile phones. The highly paid agents have been instructed to use the phones to send text messages to the situation room disclosing the total number of accredited voters in the various polling units.
He said akpabio who have boasted on many occasions that he will deliver Akwa ibom 100% to Jonathan employed this strategy to ensure it comes to past
Our source also revealed that Governor Akpabio had bribed the Resident Electoral Commissioner Akwa Ibom, Austin Okogie, with N2 billion to persuade him to discard real results from the polling units and use the ones to be
manufactured by the governor’s ICT experts. He said Mr. Okogie had demanded N2.5 billion for the deal, adding that Mr. Akpabio accepted on the condition that the balance of N500 million would be delivered tomorrow after polls close.
In a move seen as a strategy to cover his tracks, Mr. Okogie had refused to accredit local journalists in the state to cover the elections.
He had made exceptions only for reporters working for the state-owned media houses. He accused local journalists in the state of working for the opposition and writing critical reports against him. “It was just this afternoon that he
Mr. Okogie succumbed to pressure by the journalists and issued INEC tags to a few of them,” one of the reporters disclosed.
On March 24, 2015, the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state had petitioned INEC chairman, Attahiru Jega, accusing Mr. Okogie, amongst others, of lodging in Devok Hotel in Uyo which is owned by the governor’s wife, Ekaette Unoma Akpabio.
Our source disclosed that one state
commissioner had raised the possibility that the
fake results manufactured out of the situation room might not tally with the ones from polling units. However, another commissioner,
Emmanuel Enoidem, who has been appointed by Governor Akpabio to oversee the running of the
Situation Room, dismissed such fears. “Enoidem said the important thing is to get INEC to announce the results and that whoever is aggrieved can then go to court.”
Mr. Enoidem, who is a lawyer, was quoted as boasting that, if they could triumph at the Supreme Court today in the four-year legal battle by Frank Okon challenging the eligibility of Governor Akpabio’s selection as the candidate of the PDP in the 2011 governorship elections, the PDP would be able to defeat any legal challenges to the results generated in tomorrow’s elections.
Mr. Akpabio’s original plan, according to our source, was to clone permanent voter cards (PVCs), but the governor reportedly abandoned that option when INEC chairman, Mr. Jega, vowed that such attempts would be futile.
Mr. Akpabio is not new to electoral
manipulation. He masterminded a crisis in the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) when he led a group of PDP governors who refused to recognize Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State as the NGF chairman even after Mr. Amaechi had polled 19 votes against 16 received by Governor Jonah Jang of Plateau State. Mr. Akpabio later emerged the pioneer chairman of a body of PDP governors.
Mr. Akpabio, who is been reported to be known for extravagant spending of state resources, once openly confessed to rigging a senator from his area,
Aloysius Etuk, into office.
A source revealed that, if the plan succeeds tomorrow's election, then Mr. Akpabio would have no difficulty installing his self-anointed successor, Udom Emmanuel, when the governorship election holds on April 11, 2015.

Few hours to election okorocha's aide arrested for the possession of weapons

Themselves officials of the Imo State Police
Command have arrested a Senior Special Assistant to Governor Rochas Okorocha, Mr. Okechukwu Okorocha has been arrested by the police Punch reports that Andrew Enwerem, the police public relations officer (PPRO) in the state, while briefing newsmen at the State Police Command Headquarters in Owerri earlier today made it known that Mr okechukwu Okorocha
has been arrested.The PPRO further said that said he was arrested after operatives of the State Criminal Investigation Department, acted on a tip-off, conducted a cordon-and-search operation at his residence today and recovered three pump action automatic rifles with 24 live cartridges and a Kenwood walkie-talkie.
He continued by making it known that the command had gotten information that some top government functionaries were gathering arms with the intention to disrupt the general elections in Imo State. The police spokesman noted that Okorocha had acted contrary to an instruction from the police to all residents, particularly members of the State Vigilante Service, to surrender all the arms and other dangerous weapons in their possession before the general elections.
   Enwerem said: “We have been announcing that the vigilance group will not be part of the security beef up at the polling centres during the elections. As a result, we have been warning them to return the prohibited firearms in their possession to the Divisional Police Officers nearest to them.”
    In a similar operation by the State CID in Owerri, three automatic pump action rifles with 14 live cartridges were found in the security post of Egbeada Housing Estate in the
city. While recovering the weapons, four suspects, Kelechi Onuoha, Chigozie Uzowuru, Osita Obiako and Linus Aka were also arrested.
“It is believed that these arms were going to be used to disrupt the coming elections. The arrested suspects are currently in the custody of the police and they are undergoing interrogation.
  This is what we have done in preparation to ensure that there is a peaceful, credible, free and fair elections in Imo State,” the PPRO said.
Meanwhile, just two days ago, a major disaster was averted in Imo state as a pedestrian bridge built by Governor Rochas Okorocha at Heroes’ Children’s Park collapsed while the governor was on the bridge.
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I took cocaine but it didn't work for me -Terry G
Talk about controversy and believe me Terry G won't be exempted .

The musician who is popular for his controversial lifestyle and genre of music admitted to have taken cocaine sometime but it didn't work for him saying that it was a nollywood actress that introduced him to the substance. He said he quit because it didn't work for him and considering he is the first born of their family there is need to lead by example.

Friday, 27 March 2015

D'twins shares pics of them relaxing after doing music
O town award winning music duo Dtwins who recently came back from Lagos after working on their two track singles which is yet to be released

D'twins who is made up of two guys shadow and speedow has featured in different musical shows in and outside imo state when asked what people should expect this year hinted that their new song would most definitely be amongst the most sought after when it would be released.

D'twins whose latest song I being produced by Baba D a famed music producer who worked with the defunct Music group, "Plantation Boys" said that this year would be different from previous years and fans should look out for more creativity.

Revealed: Real reason why Zayn malik  left One direction...

Is the truth starting to trickle out? It appears so!
Zayn Malik shocked fans yesterday when he announced he was quitting One Direction, but a new report claims it wasn't entirely his decision to leave the boy band. The singer's
management allegedly issued him an ultimatum - get sober or quit!
" Zayn's alcohol and drug use became a huge problem. He chose not to get clean and that is when they parted ways. They gave him every opportunity to clean up his act, but he just couldn't do it, " a source close to the situation dished to Radar .
The boy bander's hard partying ways and rumored substance abuse have been the subject of speculation multiple times before. A video surfaced of the 22-year-old smoking what appeared to be marijuana in May 2014, and then in November 2014 Today show host Matt Lauer boldly questioned if the British star was struggling with addiction after he was a no- show during a 1D appearance to launch their new album.
"Management ordered Zayn to take a break because there are concerns for his well-being.
He is in bad shape, which is the real reason he went home to London. He's been going down fast and an intervention was needed. It was decided that it was best for him to go and take care of him for right now," another source previously told the website.
He has been looking gaunt and worn out in recent months, so let's hope he takes this time to get better! ..or do you think there are other things involved.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Military deploys fighter jets, ground troops,armoured tanks to gwoza to rescue chibok girls

coordinated attack is set to be carried out by the military to liberate Gwoza, Borno State, from Boko Haram captivity as the defence authorities have deployed four attack helicopters and two air force fighter jets to flush out the terrorists in the areas.
A reliable source in the military told our correspondent on Thursday that the attack helicopters and the fighter jets departed Yola, Adamawa State, at about 3pm, heading for Gwoza, the last town in Borno State under the control of terror sect.
The source told our correspondent on the telephone that ground forces from Bama, Borno State, and Madagali in Adamawa State, were advancing towards Gwoza in the air and ground operation to end the reign of the insurgents in the area.
President Goodluck Jonathan, on Wednesday, promised that the terror sect would be flushed out of Gwoza, where the kidnapped Chibok girls are allegedly being kept.
Photos : a leopard like creature killed in Lagos

This creature was spotted among 2 others during school hours today at Jubilee Model, Surulere.
Unfortunately for it, it was killed by the students of the school though the other 2 ran away but this very one was unlucky. I wouldn't believe this not until I got the picture, though said it won't die easily after being stoned and all so it took and elderly man to use a knife on it.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Top five losers if Jonathan wins that might flee.
election, Nigerians are all looking forward to the announcement of the winner after the presidential election. The two main oppositions are President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party and Gen. Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressive Congress.
Here are the top five losers if Jonathan Wins the elections
1. Obasanjo:

Olusegun Obasanjo
The ex-president of Nigeria will have some awkward diplomacy to embark on if Jonathan manages to hold on to Aso Rock despite his open campaign against the GEJ-led government. Obasanjo, himself a power broker, realizes that his words hold sway in the political climate of Nigeria thus his actions will be judged as deliberately trying to truncate Presiden Jonathan’s lifespan on the throne.

2. Amaechi:

Governor Amaechi
The Rivers state governor and director of the APC presidential campaign has stuck his neck out farther than most people in the APC.

Political analysts would suggest that a Jonathan win will end Amaechi’s political career (and even business opportunities) in Nigeria. However – in the spirit of defections, one can never totally seal the fate of any politician.

3. Buhari:
Gen Muhammadu Buhari
The curtains – whether he likes it or not – will be closing for the general if he doesn’t hit gold this time. The 72 year old veteran will have to make it or break it this time, or it’s the end of the political road for him. If the votes are counted and President Jonathan comes out on top, a million court cases may not suffice to wrest power from the fist of the genial Ijaw man.

4. Tinubu:
The jagaban is another man who has dyed his agbada the deep hue of the APC party, and if Buhari falls short of the kingdom, the buzzards will be coming for his wingman.
As repayment for his hounding the president through his own rejuvenated party may chance upon the bright idea to discredit Tinubu further.

5. Emir Sanusi:

One might be inclined to argue that the emir is removed from national politics and as such none of the aftermaths of the election will matter to him, but the fact remains that Sanusi’s words live after him and there is still room for maneuverability – accusations and counter-accusations – as we suspect that the OPEC president and petroleum minister Alison-Madueke may have a trick up her sleeve to serve the ex-CBN governor.

If it is revealed that Sanusi’s accusations were not facts but politically-motivated polemics, the media would swoop in on it along with the international community.

There is also the possibility of Sanusi’s removal as emir, if the former emir’s son can be persuaded to show interest in the seat and if the recently-reelected President Jonathan has the ears of the new governor.

It is important to note that the personalities mentioned above might not necessarily flee as democratic institutions will likely protect them if the Jonathan presidency (assuming he is re- elected) decides to persecute them.
Okorocha Escapes death in Imo State
A major disaster was averted yesterday in Imo state as a pedestrian bridge built by Governor Rochas Okorocha at Heroes’ Children’s Park collapsed while the governor was on the bridge.
According to 247Nigeriannews, the incident happened when the governor stopped over on his way to the Nigerian Union of Journalists Governorship Debate to interact with some students of Development Comprehensive Secondary School, Owerri, who were around the park when he came.
Trouble however started when Okorocha beckoned on the students to climb the bridge so he could teach and inspire them on how to become leaders.
No sooner had the governor started the teachings, the bridge caved in with the iron bracing of the bridge cut under the weight of the governor and the students and the students started shouting “Jesus! Jesus!!” out of panic.
The governor’s aides, especially the members of the security operatives, started shouting to the students: “Jump out!, get down!, jump out!”
In the midst of the confusion, the governor appealed to the students saying, “we’re too many here, please jump down”.
The was constructed two years ago by the governor’s administration
Two weeks ago, the convoy of the governor was involved in a road accident that left several supporters of the All Progressives Congress (APC) injured.
Photos: What is left of Damasak town where Bokoharam reportedly kidnapped over 400 people

Damasak left in ruins after fightings between forces and Bokoharam

Bokoharam flag hoisted high in the town

House which is believed to have served as headquarters for operations

Survivors which are mostly the aged who couldn't run

Caches of ammunition seized from them.
There are still doubts over possibility of elections taking place in towns like this .

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Photos: Mad woman gives birth to a cute beautiful baby in Ondo

Shodipo Estate residents woke up to the cry of a bouncing baby girl in the early hours of Friday the 20th of
March 2015. A mentally unstable woman popular in Agbara gave birth to a healthy baby without any medical intervention. One of the
residents, a man begged the baby’s mother to hand him over to them and she agreed.
Rescue Operation officials were later calledbto take the baby and her mother to the hospital for medical treatment. See more photos of the newborn below