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Fireboy has Released the Video of His new Single KING and it is Really Fire - (VIDEO)
Ever heard someone say “better late than never”? Well, that’s what’s up with the new music video that Fireboy just released. He released the video for his song, ‘King’ ten months after he initially released the song.

In the industry where people like Naira Marley releases a song with both the visuals and audio at the same time, it is becoming a bit strange to see musicians stay forever without releasing their music video. Yet, it is also a very wise strategy because if you didn’t already know this song, you are about to get to know it now.

AMAA AWARDS : Full List of Nominees Released + See the Movie that led Nominations
‘King of Boys’, ‘The Delivery Boy’ have emerged the movies with the highest nomination at 2019 AMA

Adekunle ‘Nodash’ Adejuyigbe’s ‘The Delivery Boy’ picked up 12 nominations including Best Actress while Kemi Adetiba’s ‘King of Boys’ pulled eight nominations including Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

Ahead of the 2019 Africa Movie Academy Awards, the jury released the nomination list on Wednesday, September 18, 2019, in a live broadcast by the Jury President, Asantewa Adetunji.

Watch King of Boys Trailer below

Other Nigerian films nominated include ‘Up north’, Beverly Naya’s documentary, ‘Skin’, ‘Lara and the Beat’, ‘Hello Rain’, ‘Make Room’ and ‘Light in the Dark’.

The 15th edition of the much-anticipated movie awards is scheduled to hold in Lagos on October 26, 2019.

Here’s a complete list of 2019 AMAA nominations.

1. Efere Ozako Award For Best Short Film

1. The Fisherman (Ghana)

2. A Tune of Kora (SENEGAL)

3. ICYASHA (Rwanda)

4. NAMOW2018 (KENYA)

5. Vagabond (GHANA)

6. Measure of a Woman (SA)

7. Mma Moeketsi (SA)

8. Motswakwa (BOTSWANA)

9. Tonight’s Opening Act (EGYPT)

10. Hello Rain (NIGERIA)

2. Best Animation

1. Kitwana Journey – Kenya

2. Choices – Nigeria

3. Isolated- Kenya

4. Afrogames – Burkina Faso

3. Best Documentary

1. Djambar, Sembene the Unsubmissive (Cameroun)

2. The State Against Mandela (South Africa)

3. Golden Fish, African Fish (Senegal)

4. Skin (Nigeria)

Beverly Naya’s Documentary on 'Skin' picked up a nomination at 2019 AMAA.

5. Khartoum Offside (Sudan)

6. Le loups d’or de Balole (Burkina Faso)

7. Sur Les Traces de Mamani Abdoulaye (Niger)

8. No Gold For Katsaka (Burkina Faso)

9. Mother, I am Suffocating, This Is My Last Film About You (Lesotho)

4. Ousmane Sembene Award For Best Film in an African Language

1. Makeroom (Nigeria)

2. Mabata Bata (Mozambique)

3. Rafiki (Kenya)

4. Bahasha -The Envelope (Tanzania)

5. Azali (Ghana)

5. Michael Anyiam Osigwe Award For Best Film by an African-Born Director Living Abroad

1. Julius Amedume - Rattlesnakes

2. Tosin Coker - Lara and the Beats

3. Robert O. Peters – Makeroom

6. Best Diaspora Short Film

1. Bail (UK)

2. Oath Bound (UK)

3. Fevah (USA)

4. I Am Superman (Brazil)

7. Best Diaspora Documentary

1. Wax Print 1 FABRIC, 4 continent (UK)

2. The Guardian of No Return (Guadalope)

3. Dare to Dream (USA/CUBA)

4. Drugs as Weapons Against Us (USA)

5. My Friend Fela (Brazil)

8. Best Diaspora Narrative Feature.

1. Nine Nights (UK)

2. Olympia (USA)

3. Traffik (US)

4. Hero (Trinidad and Tobago/Canada)

5. Sprinter (Jamaica)

9. Best Achievement in Production Design

1. Redemption (Mozambique)

2. Rafiki (Kenya)

3. Ellen, The Ellen Parkies Stories (S. Africa)

4. Urgent (Morroco)

5. Burial of Kojo (Ghana)

6. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

7. Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda)

8. Delivery Boy (Nigeria)

10. Best Achievement in Costume Design

1. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

2. Light in the Dark (Nigeria)

3. Rafiki (Kenya)

4. King of Boys (Nigeria)

5. Lara and the Beats (Nigeria)

6. Urgent (Morocco)

7. Mabata Bata (Mozambique)

11. Best Achievement in Make-up

1. Makeroom (Nigeria)

2. Gold Statue (Nigeria)

3. Veronica’s Wish (Uganda)

4. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

5. Before the Vows (GHANA)

6. Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda)

7. The Burial of Kojo (Ghana)

12.Best Achievement in Soundtrack

1. Subira (Kenya)

2. Mabata Bata (Mozambique)

3. Farewell Ella Bella (S. AFRICA)

4. Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda)

5. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

6. Lara and the Beats (Nigeria)

7. The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)

8. Redemption (Mozambique)

13. Best Achievement in Visual Effects

1. Makeroom (Nigeria)

2. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

3. Knockout Blessing (Nigeria)

Adekunle Nodash's 'The Delivery Boy'picked up the highest nominations - 12 - ahead of the 2019 AMAA.

4. Mabata Bata (Mozambique)

5. The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)

6. The King of Boys (Nigeria)

7. Burial of Kojo (Ghana)

14. Best Achievement in Sound

1. The Last Victim (S. Africa)

2. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

3. Makeroom (Nigeria)

4. The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)

5. The Burial of Kojo (Ghana)

6. Urgent (Morocco)

7. Mabata Bata (Mozambique)

8. Redemption (Mozambique)

15. Best Achievement in Cinematography

1. Mabata Bata (Mozambique)

2. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

3. Mother, I am Suffocating, This Is My Last Film About You (Lesotho)

4. Redemption (Mozambique)

5. Rafiki (Kenya)

6. Delivery Boy (Nigeria)

7. The Burial of Kojo (Ghana)

8. Redemption (Mozambique)

16. Best Achievement in Editing

1. The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)

2. The Burial of Kojo (Ghana)

3. The Last Victim (S. Africa)

4. Rafiki (Kenya)

5. The Gold Statute (Nigeria)

6. Diamond in the Sky (Nigeria)

7. Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda)

8. Sew The Winter To My Skin (S. Africa)

17. Best Achievement in Screenplay

1. The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)

2. The Last Victim (S. Africa)

3. Rafiki (Kenya)

4. Diamond in the Sky (Nigeria)

5. Gold Statute (Morocco)

6 Lara and the Beats (Nigeria)

7. Redemption (Mozambique)

8. Up North (Nigeria)

18. NFVCB Award For Best Nigerian Film

1. The Delivery Boy

2. Lara and the Beats

3. Makeroom

4. King of Boys

5. Gold Statute

6. Up North

7. Knockout Blessing

19. Best Young/Promising Actor

1. Youssef Alaoui (Ayoub) URGENT

2. Angel Onyinyechi Unigwe (Adaeze) LIGHT IN THE DARK

3. Cynthia Dankwa (Esi) BURIAL OF KOJO

4. Emilio Bilo (Azarias) Mabata Bata

5. Jamma Ibrahim (Amir) The Delivery Boy

6. Catherine Credo (Neema) Fatuma

20. Best Actor in a Supporting Role

1. Remilekun “Reminisce” Sarafu (Makanaki) King of Boys

2. Jarrid Geduld 9 (Abie) Ellen, The Ellen Parkies Story

3. Zolisa Xaluva (Wyatt Earp) Sew the Winter to my Skin

4. Kanayo O. Kanyayo (Chief Otuekong) Up North

5. Kobina Amissah-Sam (Kwabina) The Burial of Kojo

6. Bucci Franklyn (Dagogo) Knockout Blessing

21. Best Actress in a Supporting Role

1. Eniola Shobayo (Vivian) Knockout Blessing

2. Linda Ejiofer (Oby) Knockout Blessing

3. Kandyse McClure (Golden Eyes) Sew the Winter to My Skin

4. Adesua Etomi (Kemi) The King of Boys

5. Joke Silva (Mama Jumoke) Light in the Dark

6. Arlete Bombe (Mia) Redemption

22. Best Actor in a Leading Role

1. Gabriel Afolayan Gold Statue

2. Joseph Otsiman (Kojo) The Burial of Kojo

3. Chinedu Ikedieze (Big Chi) Lara and the Beats

4. Jimmy Jean Louis (Robert McQueen) Rattlesnakes

5. Gil Alexandre (Bruno) Redemption

6. Marc Zinga ( )Mercy of the Jungle)

7. Ezra Mabengeza (Samson) Sew The Winter To My Skin

8. Ayoub Bombwe ( Mwanyusi ) Fatuma

23. Best Actress in a Leading Role

1. Sheila Munyiva (Ziki) Rafik

2. Rita Dominic (Jumoke Arinze) Light in the Dark

3. Jill Levenberg (Ellen) The Ellen Parkies Story

4. Beatrice Taisamo (Fatuma) Fatuma

5. Seyi Shay (Lara) Lara and the Beats

6. Sola Sobowale (Eniola) King of Boys

7. Jemima Osunde (Nkem) The Delivery Boy

8. Samantha Mugatsia (Kena) Rafiki

24. Best Director-First Feature Film

1. Blitz Bazawule - The Burial of Kojo (Ghana)

2. Adekunle “Nodash” Adejuyigbe - The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)

3. Sippy Chadha – Subira (Tanzania)

4. Nicole Amarteifo – Before the Vows (Ghana)

25. Best Director

1. Wanuri Kahui – Rafiki (Kenya)

2. Adekunle “Nodash” Adejuyigbe - The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)

3. Daryne Joshua -Ellen, The Ellen Parkies Story (S. Africa)

4. Jahmil X. Qubeka - Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

5. Kemi Adetiba – King of Boys (Nigeria)

6. Mohcine Besri – Urgent (Morocco)

7. Mickey Fonseca – Redemption (Mozambique)

8. Joël Karekezi- Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda)

26. Best Film

1. Rafiki (Kenya)

2. Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda)

3. The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)

4. Ellen, The Ellen Parkies Story (S. Africa)

5. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

6. Redemption (Mozambique)

7. King of Boys (Nigeria)

8. Urgent (Morocco)

Re: AMAA 2019 Nominees, Nomination List: 'King Of Boys’, ‘The Deliv
IMPEACHMENT PLOT : Osibanjo Should Resign or they Will Reduce Him to Toilet Cleaner - FFK
 FG begins implementation of National Livestock Transformation Plan
Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has predicted that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo would soon be turned into a washer of toilets if he did not resign within six months.
Fani-Kayode was reacting to President Muhammadu Buhari’s recent move that has been viewed by many Nigerians as targeted at reducing Osinbajo to nothing.
Buhari had on Monday set up an economic advisory council to replace the current economic management team headed by Osinbajo.

BREAKING : Ghastly Car Accident Claims Lives of 2 People at Government College Road Owerri
Information reaching our news desk has it that a ghastly car accident has claimed the lives of two people at Government Secondary School Okigwe road Owerri.

Information made available to us has by Orjisblog has it that the incident which happened this morning is still being investigated keep visiting as we gather more information surrounding the ugly incident.
Lesbian Woman Survives Being Shot 4 Times In Her Vagina By Her "Wife"
A Detroit woman was left in critical condition after being shot 11 times by her wife of 12 years after a domestic dispute turned violent.

Airrion Wallace was left fighting for her life after her wife, Tiffany, shot her repeatedly. “She emptied the whole clip into my body,” she told local station WJBK in an interview from her hospital bed.

On Monday, just hours after having undergone emergency surgery and two blood transfusions, Wallace detailed what happened to her.

“I was telling her that we needed to get a divorce,” Wallace said, noting that her spouse’s cheating was behind their marital problems. “I can handle a lot of things but I cannot handle infidelity.”

Wallace then went on to describe how the situation escalated, implying that her wife snapped upon receiving the news. “She shot me four times in my vagina, four times in my leg, three times in my stomach,” she said. “I’m like ok. Ok, I hear you, I’m not going to do it… [but] she kept going.

“She wanted me to die because she has always felt if she can’t have me, no one can have me,” she said.

Following the shooting, Wallace managed to escape from her home and asked neighbors for help.

“I had to gather as much strength as I could, to get down my stairs and get outside, because the neighbors had heard it. As soon as I opened the door there was already people out there. I said, ‘Please can you call the police.'”

Police found Tiffany Wallace in front of their home and arrested her. She claimed she shot Airrion in self-defense. However, she several criminal charges including assault with intent to murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, domestic violence, carrying a concealed weapon, three charges of felony firearm, discharging a weapon in a building and interfering with a crime report, according to the station.

Pics of the couple:

Student Pours Hot Water On Her Flatmate For Misplacing Her Item
Precious Moses, a 300 Level student has been scalded with hot water by her flatmate, Flourish Chigwe. It was gathered that trouble started after Precious misplaced Flourish’s drawing board. This degenerated into a misunderstanding, during which she was bathed with hot water.

Not done, Flourish proceeded to bite the victim and allegedly retorted that “your blood is not even sweet.” The school’s management has been notified and Precious is set to meet with her Faculty Dean tomorrow.
Man Kills His Only Brother Over N100,000 Debt
A 45-year-old man, ldris Aliyu, has been arrested for hacking his younger brother, Aliyu Aliyu, to death over a N100,000 debt in Daka’agi, Niger State. .

Trouble allegedly started when the suspect borrowed N100,000 from his friend and gave it to his late brother to renovate his house, with a promise of refunding the money after harvesting their farm produce. .

Late Aliyu, who was expecting a new baby soon with his wife, however, reneged on the agreement. “I was angered, knowing fully well that he had the money and I was left with no option than to kill him as I pulled out my machete and hacked him.

I and my brother had been living and farming together since we were young. After the harvest, I told him about the need to settle the debt, but he refused to listen to me and insisted that we were not going sell any farm produce to that effect. .

I lost my temper, pulled my machete and inflicted deep cut on his neck which resulted in his death. I killed my brother due to the pressure from the person I borrowed the money from,” he said
Facebook Unveils New Models Of Portal Video Chatting Devices (PHOTO)

Facebook Inc unveiled new models of its Portal video chat devices on Wednesday, making the company’s first foray into TV streaming hardware but offering a limited selection of subscription services.

The launch comes as Facebook is trying to pivot toward more private forms of communication, after years of slowing user growth, data-sharing scandals and calls for change to its hands-off approach to content moderation.

The company is already one of the biggest global players in private messaging, with its WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram apps used by 2.4 billion people each month.

It is keeping the focus of its new Portal line on video calling, adding the capability for WhatsApp calls along with improvements to a wide-angle camera that keeps users in focus as they move about a room.

Facebook is also expanding Portal sales into countries including the UK, France and Australia while lowering prices to more closely compete with industry-leading smart speakers from Amazon and Google that sell for under 100 dollars.

Standard models of the Portal, which ship on October 15, will come in 129 dollars and 179 dollars versions.

The portal TV will cost 149 dollars and hit the shelves on November 5.

Facebook is hoping the social nature of its products will be their selling point, allowing users to watch shows together while interacting via video call on the same screen.

“I think that in a couple years’ time if you have a smart streaming device that doesn’t have a camera allowing you to video call people, you’re not going to have a competitive product.

“I think this is the killer feature for a device like this,” said the vice president of AR/VR Andrew Bosworth.

Bosworth also touted privacy protections like local processing of smart features on the devices, which means most user data, will not be sent back to Facebook servers.

But Portal TV offers only a few music apps and has limited options for TV programming, meaning it could face a stiff challenge in attracting consumers used to content-rich rivals like Apple TV, Netflix and Roku.

At a demonstration in San Francisco on Tuesday, the only way to stream shows appeared to be via Facebook’s Watch app.

Executives said Portal TV would have Amazon’s Prime Video app loaded by the time it is available.
Education Accountancy Done And Dusted Seminar For Graduating Students Set To Take Center Stage In IMSU
When the word seminar is mentioned, many students shy away because it normally reminds them of the word "Boring". But this very one put together by the department of Education accountancy IMSU promises to be exceptional as students will be glued to their seats as interesting activities has been mapped out.

This Friday 20th Sept., Education accountancy Imo State University will be hosting a seminar for all graduating students of the institution. One of the numerous purposes of the seminar is to provide graduating students with exposure to a variety of activities in order to enrich their academic experience.

All students who anticipate a brighter future after school are strongly encouraged to attend.

Date: Friday September 20, 2019

Time: 10am

Venue: Faculty of Education Large hall.

See flier for more details.

Osibanjo Owes Nigerians an Apology over TraderMoni Hoax - Ex APC Chieftain

 A political activist and former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Timi Frank, has beckoned on the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to beg God and apologize to  Nigerians over the role he played in sharing the N10,000 Tradermoni which was used in defrauding Nigerians during the last general elections.

Frank said Osinbajo, a Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) pastor allowed himself to be used is now facing humiliation from the same people as a reward.

Reacting to the reported bitter experience the Vice President and his aides are currently facing in government, Comrade Frank, through a statement made available to newsmen on Thursday, said Nigerians should not feel sorry for Prof. Osinbajo unless he apologise for being one of the major causes of the sufferings of Nigerians currently.

The Bayelsa-born activists reminded Nigerians how Osinbajo in far away New York “lied to the world that the reported cases of kidnapping in Nigeria was being exaggerated,” adding that nemesis has caught up with the Vice President.

Frank wondered how a Prof. of law will go so low to embark on the sharing of valueless N10,000 as Tradermoni in a crisis ridden economy like that of Nigeria?

“It is said that when you eat with the devil, use a long spoon, Osibanjo has been eating with the devil with his bare hands and that is why he can’t say anything to defend the masses.

“He was used to commit electoral fraud through Trader Moni, now that his services are no longer needed, he has been made irrelevant.

“For Osibandjo, it is ok for Nigerians to suffer and wallow in penury so long as he is allowed to eat with the devil. He has been rewarded for his hard work of Trader Moni by being dumped and made irrelevant.”

The statement also accused Osinbajo of ‘wicked silence when APC government abused Nigerians through wrong and clueless policies, police and military brutality that have put over 70% of Nigerians in poverty and sent some more to their early grave.

“Christians are being slaughtered by the Fulani herdsmen, yet it does not bother pastor Osibanjo. He did not issue a statement or sympathised with Christians community, not even the late redeemed female pastor that was beheaded in Abuja but now the table has turned, let him enjoy his meal with the devil.

“He should beg Nigerians and God for forgiveness otherwise more disgrace awaits him, the evil that men do, live with them.

“Osibanjo should bear his cross in silence and the cabal should also take note that every day is for the thief but one day is for the owner. Today it is Osibanjo, tomorrow may be their turn as God will weed out the evil and corrupt government very soon,” Frank stated.

PHOTOS: Meet Some Of The Hottest Babes In Our Campus
One of the most prestigious tertiary institutions in the country is the University of Benin. The University in the ancient town is well known for its top-notch academic output.

However, the University also boasts some of the ‘hottest babes’ on Naija campus generally. If you disagree, see pictures of some UNIBEN girls below as culled from

First on our list is @zobaam_
Next is @flossyasoro on Instagram
Meet the beautiful @omoregie_bevelyn
Last but not the least is the delectable @eu_nixx
Rivers State University Best Graduating Student Begs Wike For Employment
Buekor Nyornebari Grace, a first class graduate of Applied and Environmental Biology (Microbiology Option) at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, UST has cried out to the Governor of the state, Nyesom Wike to come to her aid in securing employment at the University.

The 2016 first class graduate who is also an indigene of the state graduated with a CGPA of 4.95 and is supposed to work as an assistant lecturer based on her status as first class graduates before her were usually retained but Grace's case seems to be peculiar as she is not been that lucky.

According to Jonathan Oyim, a colleague of her at UST, she has been knocking on doors of opportunities but these are not opening since their convocation on 1st April 2017.

Below are her transcript:

"On the day of the convocation, when the governor came, he didn't make any pronouncement because there was embargo on recruitment in Rivers State" Jonathan said.

IMSU Orlu Campus Staff Are Not On Strike
IMSU Orlu Campus Staff Are Not On Strike 

Management of Imo State University Teaching Hospital – IMSUTH, Orlu says there are no striking workers in the Institution, even as Imo State Government has continued to negotiate with critical stakeholders in the health sector in the state.

IMSUTH Chief Medical Director, Dr. Chukwuma Duru made the clarification, describing the news making rounds that Resident Doctors were on strike as unfortunate, arguing that the procedures for industrial action are yet to be followed.

He however urged stakeholders to be patient with the present administration in the state, reminding them that issues of decay around the health sector were inherited by the Chief Ihedioha-led administration, even as he expressed confidence in the commitment of the present administration to resolving all the outstanding issues.